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Piezoceramic oscillating elements

For conversion of the electrical ultrasonic energy into mechanical vibrations, PZT oscillators are usually used. PZT vibrators consist of mechanical components as well as the polarized ceramic discs. Oscillating elements of the type PS 75, PS 60/26 and PS 60/40 are produced by the company SONOTOP Ultrasonics GmbH and fed before further processing of a 100% test, as well as various metrological selections.

A vibrating element can be applied in continuous operation with an effective power of 60W - 75W. In order to realize greater performance, many vibrating elements are connected in parallel. Integrated into a stainless steel housing, this becomes a PZT immersion oscillator. The vibrating elements are always connected to the ultrasonic
Glued radiating surface.

PZT immersion oscillator (26 kHz, 40 kHz)

PZT immersion transducers are made of an absolutely tightly welded stainless steel housing (1.4571 / 2 mm), with a number of PZT vibration elements corresponding to the power consumption, as well as a liquid-tight connection and mounting option. As standard, the immersion transducers have a 1.5 m industrial stainless steel braided hose, a solid casing or a M20 weld-on bolt as connection.


PZT immersion transducers are used in large cleaning pans where, due to their dimensions, the direct attachment of individual PZT vibration elements is not possible or not practicable. The PZT immersion transducers are usually suspended laterally in the cleaning bath.

All physically meaningful dimensions can be realized. Our ultrasonic immersion vibrators and vibrating plates are available in 26 and 40 kHz and with up to 2000 watts of power.

By default, the immersion transducers have a 1.5 m industrial stainless steel braided hose or hose
Fixed piping as connection for the electrical connection.

The desired version is to be specified when ordering. We will be pleased to advise you on further connection and mounting options as well as feasible dimensions of immersion vibrators and vibrating plates.



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