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  • Ultrasonic - Cleaning Generators URG 300 - 1200

  • Ultrasonic - Module Generators UMG 1000 - 8000

  • Ultrasonic - Cleaners USC 850-8400

  • Ultrasonic - Vibrators

  • Customised Systems

  • Custom-made and special series


​Ultrasonic - Cleaning Generators URG 300 - 1200

The Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators URG 300 - 1200 are "Innovative"- products, through their quality and robustness designed for the commitment of the industry. This family of generators has been proven in practice for more than 10 years and has since been adapted through continuous development and practicality, modern electronics and new applications. Especially suitable for electroplating plants with aggressive ambient air.

Ultrasonic - vibrators

To convert the electrical ultrasonic energy into mechanical vibrations we use PZT oscillators. Integrated into a stainless steel housing, this becomes a PZT immersion oscillator.

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