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Heating by induction

The principle of operation of induction heating is that a single or multi-turn working coil (inductor) is traversed by an alternating current of high frequency. This inductor builds an electromagnetic field in its environment. Bringing in this alternating field, an electrically conductive workpiece, then a voltage is induced in this one, which generates an alternating current. According to the law of Joule (Q = J² x R x t), as a result, heat is generated in the surface areas of this workpiece through which current flows.

In practical terms, an induction heating system operates according to the principle of the transformer, the coil, called the inductor, the primary winding and the workpiece, representing a single secondary winding. The inductor has an increased cooling requirement, which makes the use of a water cooling necessary.


A description of the components can be found here

   - The power transmission is contactless

   - Environmentally friendly (no open flame) no noise pollution

   - Significantly lower oxidation and scaling

   - Little need for space

   - Excellent automation possibilities

   - Good efficiency through direct heat generation in the workpiece

   - Very good economy

Induction heating generators

The IG, IMG and IHG induction heating generators are innovative products designed with quality and robustness for industrial use. The series of generators was developed more than ten years ago and adapted to the present day, due to continuous development and practical relevance, of modern electronics and power semiconductor technology.

Inductive drying

Inductive drying is suitable for drying metallic cleaning products. For this purpose, eddy currents are induced by an induction coil in the parts, which heats the parts in the second range and thus dries.

The time required for drying depends on the metal and weight of the part. It can be heated individually or even several parts at the same time. By extending the heating time, the workpieces can also be efficiently brought to a temperature necessary for further processing.

Inductive drying is also suitable for other drying processes. For example, for drying paints and other coatings.

  - Short drying time < 5 seconds
  - Even heating
  - Energy-saving because only the items to be cleaned are heated


Induction drying uses specially developed and manufactured generators and induction coils. You benefit from our many years of experience in the use of inductive heating. We are happy to help.

Accessories for induction heating

Of course you will get the right accessories for our generators from us.


Inductor and crucible


Compensation capacitor


Custom-made inductors

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