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Induction Heater IG6000

Power: 6000W



  Network: 3 Phases

  Voltage: 400V +/- 10%

  Frequence: 50 / 60 kHz



  Voltage: 100V - 500V

  Frequence: 16 - 40 kHz

  ED - max.: +/- 3%



  Protection frequence: up and down

  LED displayed: pc

  LED phases: L1, L2, L3


Dimension: 443 x 440 x 130

Cooling system: Water

Supported ambiant temperature: 10 - 45°C

Supported ambiant humidity: 10 - 90%



  • The series of generators was developed in 1991 and adapted to the present day, through constant development and practical relevance of modern electronics and power semiconductor technology. During the development of the generator series, the already existing thyristor technology was consciously dispensed with, since the great advantages of the IGBT module technology have already been clearly recognised in advance. Of course, all generators are equipped with microcontrollers in order to realize high operational safety and also customer special wishes fast by software change. All generators are CE compliant.

    Induction heating generators with more than 6000 watts are custom made for inductor, workpiece and technical requirements. We produce generators up to 20kW output.

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